We’re Pam and Daniel

A couple that happens to really be into languages. 
Welcome to Letter Flip,  it was our intention to give the translation niche a big twist. Our years of experience translating documents for hundreds of law firms taught us that it is a necessity to innovate in the way the process works and focus on what truly matters, that is, on how each translation  impacts the life of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and secure translation company in the United States, recognized for innovating in the field of translations through software and AI, thus having the scope to be able to translate thousands of pages a day internationally.

Our Process

At Letterflip we take care of offering an intuitive, efficient and quality service. We receive and meticulously review the documentation to be translated, and in less than 24 hours we carry out the work, including its corresponding notarization. This same workflow has been developed in a scalable way, with the aim that our company can become an essential service for law firms that require large volumes of translations on a daily basis.

We translate your documents

Doing translations
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We translate your documents